Minutes September 17, 2018


Approved Minutes

East Okoboji Lakes Improvement Corporation

Board of Directors Meeting

Monday, September 17, 2018 @ 7:00 PM


Board Members Present: Bill Maas, Joel Farley, Terry Wilts, Bob Kelley, Vern Schoeneman, Wendell Riley, John Salewske and Lois Clark.

Board Member Absent: Steve Richards, Jim Blum, Mike Maffin and Chuck Augustine.

Guests present:  Pam Jordan and Gus Tallman

The meeting was called to order at 7:05 by President Bill Maas at the Orleans City Hall Council Chambers.

Adoption of Agenda

It was moved by Kelley and seconded by Schoeneman to adopt the agenda with flexibility.  Motion carried.

Election Of Officers

It was moved by Clark and seconded by Riley to re-elect Bill Maas president. Motion carried. Moved by Riley and seconded by Schoeneman to elect Lois Clark as vice president. Motion carried. Moved by Clark and seconded by Kelley to re-elect Joel Farley treasurer. Motion carried. Moved Riley with a second from Salewske to re-elect Terry Wilts secretary. Motion carried.

Approval of Minutes

Moved by Schoeneman and seconded by Clark to approve the July 16, 2018 regular board meeting minutes. Motion carried.

Treasurer’ Report

Treasurer Joel Farley reported an account balance of $59,016.38.  Schoeneman moved with second by Kelley to accept treasurer’s report.   Motion carried.  Motion Clark seconded by Schoeneman to allow treasurer to explore and move account to a money market type fund for fund to draw interest yet retain liquidity. Motion carried.

Membership Report

Secretary Terry Wilts reported 278 responses to the membership/dues mailer to date with total proceeds of $15,775.00, an average of $57 per response. 155 new responses with renewals at 123. This remains an issue for the organization for quite some time with membership renewals and will need to be addressed in 2019. No monetary response as of yet from the local marinas or barge/hoist operators.

Old Business

28th  St Drainage Project

Dickinson County Board of Supervisors Vice-chair Pam Jordan presented Water Quality Commission grant application paperwork to the EOLIC tonight for its review and action. After discussion and history Wilts made the motion with Schoeneman seconding that the EOLIC sign grant application for request of $100,000 towards project. Motion carried.

Wilts then moved with Clark seconding that the EOLIC become a stakeholder in project at a level of $1000.00 with check available at request. Motion carried.

Review Annual Meeting

on on format, attendance, venue, etc. regarding annual meeting.  No real hot-button topic right now may have led to poor attendance.  Date also discussed by as by-laws state the meeting is the first Saturday of August. No board action taken.

Review Okoboji Blue Water Festival

Wilts reported one new member signing from Blue Water Festival of 2018.  Also, discussion regarding Festival expense relative to return and date being the weekend right after our annual meeting. No board action taken.

New Business

2019 Aquatic Management Program

Wilts reported only one meeting of Pondweed Working Group so far with no details or details yet of 2019 Aquatic Management Plan. Next meeting September 20. No board action taken.

Other issues, announcements, group sharing, etc.

Next Regular Meeting is scheduled for October 15, 2018 at 7:00 PM at Orleans City Hall.


It was moved by Riley and seconded by Kelley to adjourn the meeting at 9:07 PM.  Motion carried.

Minutes submitted by Terry Wilts, Secretary