Minutes April 16, 2018

Approved Minutes

East Okoboji Lakes Improvement Corporation

Board of Directors Meeting

Monday, April 16, 2018 @ 7:00 PM

Board Members Present: Bill Maas, Mike Maffin, Bob Kelley, Joel Farley, Terry Wilts, Vern Schoeneman, Wendell Riley, Jim Blum, Lois Clark and Chuck Augustine.

Board Members Absent: John Salewske, Steve Richards

Guests present: None

The meeting was called to order at 7:00 by President Bill Maas at the Orleans City Hall Council Chambers.

Adoption of Agenda

It was moved by Maffin and seconded by Schoeneman to adopt the agenda with flexibility.  Motion carried.

Approval of Minutes

Moved by Kelley and seconded by Riley to approve the March 19, 2018 regular board meeting minutes. Motion carried.

Treasurer’ Report

The treasurer’s report showed an overall balance of $47,025.67 with a CD balance of $5,954.20 that reaches maturity 9-15-2018. Motion Blum and seconded by Schoeneman to accept treasurers report. Motion carried.

Membership Report

Wilts reported no additional members since last meeting.

Old Business

2018 Aquatic Management Plan Update

Agreement in place between City of Orleans/EOLIC and vendor Underwater Solutions for +/-40 acres @ $850.00 per acre.  Opportunity for additional acreage to be harvested outside of the terms of the contract was discussed, no action taken at this time.

28th St Drainage Project

Dickinson County voted in favor of an $80,000 interest free loan to take care of design engineering pending approval from the City of Spirit Lake for same. The EOLIC would still request to be involved in a pre-engineering meeting to discuss the scope of the project.

2018 Membership/Fundraising/ Dues Mailer

Annual mailer and dues letter to be ready to mail by May 22, 2018.  The week of May 14th will be our working session to put the mailer together, date to be determined.

Annual Meeting Discussion/Venue/Featured Speaker

Wilts will check into the availability of Wesley Place as an option for the Annual Meeting. If Wesley Place is unavailable, will check availability of the Nature Center.  Speaker is still to be determined.

New Business

Directors With Terms To Expire:

·      Joel Farley

·      Bob Kelley

·      Wendell Riley

·      Vern Schoeneman

·      Terry Wilts

Other issues, announcements, group sharing, etc.

Next Regular Meeting is scheduled for May 21st, 2018 at 7:00 PM at Orleans City Hall.


It was moved by Kelley and seconded by Riley to adjourn the meeting at 8:10 PM.  Motion carried.

Minutes submitted by Terry Wilts, Secretary