Minutes August 6, 2016 Annual Meeting

Approved Minutes for the

East Okoboji Lakes Improvement Corporation – 2016 Annual Meeting

Dickinson County Nature Center

August 6th, 2016 @ 9:00 AM


Call to Order and Welcome

The meeting was called to order by the President, Bill Maas, at 9:00 A.M. with a total of 23 individuals present.

Board members present: Jim Blum, Bob Kelley, Terry Wilts, Joel Farley, Bill Maas,

Mike Maffin, Wendell Riley, Vern Schoeneman, Gus Tallman, Bonnie Simonson and Bev Schumann.

Absent: Steve Richards

Keynote Address

Jay Michels, a partner and project manager from Emmons and Oliver Resources in Oakdale MN spoke on the topic “Designing a City for Zero Storm Water Discharge.” He explained that the traditional storm water management approach proved to be cost prohibitive for the City of Inver Grove Heights, MN. Driven by cost and impact concerns to the surrounding lakes and Mississippi River, the city implemented a strict, zero storm water runoff discharge policy for all development in the area.  He explained the enhanced low impact development (LID) approach used reduced the area’s initial infrastructure capital cost by $18 million, or $30 million on a lifecycle basis. As a result of this very impressive project, Jay’s company was the recipient of a 2015 National Award for designing this zero-runoff storm water management approach.

Introduction of Board Members

Vice President Gus Tallman introduced the board members to the guests present.

Approval of the Minutes 

It was moved by Jim Blum and seconded by Gus Tallman to approve the minutes of the August 1st 2015 annual meeting. Motion passed.

Treasurer’s Report

Joel Farley reported that the current assets are $33481.37. It was moved by John Salewske, seconded by June Goldman to accept the treasurer’s report. Motion passed.

 Review/Report of Current Projects

Curlyleaf Pondweed

Because the state did not issue a permit in 2016 for the chemical treatment of Curlyleaf, the money that was donated to the cost of this project will be returned.  A straw poll of individuals present was taken and it showed that the audience supported the idea of chemical treatment if a permit can be received for next year. It was pointed out in the discussion that since this is a tourist area, county and state governments should be encouraged to contribute to the cost of chemical treatment. Since there seems to be a higher concentration of Curlyleaf in certain areas, it was asked if EOLIC would be interested in helping to fund the cleanup of highly concentrated areas.  The item will be put on the agenda at the next EOLIC meeting.

Drainage District #22 water quality monitoring and possible improvement

The city of Spirit Lake is monitoring the area to see where the problem exists.

Storm Drainage south of 28th Street in Spirit Lake

The county and city are doing a study which is to be completed by August 10th.  The study should address the problem as well as solutions.

Blue Water Festival Conservation Day

This celebration of clean water in the Iowa Great Lakes will be held in Preservation Plaza on August 13th.  It is being sponsored by the lakes area protective associations, businesses, organizations, and individuals dedicated to clean water. There will a concert in the evening along with activities for the kids, exhibits, fishing clinics, and display booths by lakes protective associations.

Other issues

The audience discussed the importance of our natural resource in this area and the importance of taking care of it.  Ideas presented for additional revenue to protect this area were: a local option sales tax for the lakes, raising property taxes, a motel/hotel/drink tax, and protective associations meeting together to discuss ideas for lake conservation.


New Business

Introduction of Board Members whose terms have expired 

Maas introduced the board members whose three-year terms have expired. They are: Bev Schumann, Bill Maas, Mike Maffin and Gus Tallman.

Election of the Board

The following candidates were elected to the board by written ballot: Bill Maas, Mike Maffin, Greg Kraus, and John Salewske.


It was moved by Mike Maffin, seconded by Vern Schoeneman to adjourn the meeting at 11:15 A.M. Motion passed.

Next regular meeting of the Board of Directors: Monday, September 19th 2016, @ 7:00 P.M. at Orleans City Hall