Minutes July 16th 2012


East Okoboji Lakes Improvement Corporation

Board of Directors Meeting


Monday July 16th, 2012 7:00 P.M.

Orleans City Hall Council Chambers


1. Call to Order and Introduction of Guests by Bill Maas @ 7:00 P.M.

Present: Jim Blum, Jane Lieb, Bill Maas, Wendell Riley, Vern Schoeneman, Bonnie Simonson, Gus Tallman, Delmer Lee

Absent: Paul Assman, Barbara Tagami

Guests: Derek Namanny, Pam Jordan, Mardi Allen, Dwight Dohlman

2. Adoption of Agenda With Flexibility Moved by Riley, seconded by Tallman to adopt the agenda with flexibility.

Motion passed.

3. Approval of Minutes of May 8th, 2012 Regular Meeting

Moved by Lieb, seconded by Simonson to approve the May 8th, 2012, minutes as amended by making some grammatical corrections.

Motion passed.

4. Treasurer’s Report

Motion by Lieb, seconded by Tallman to accept the June 30th, 2012 Treasurer’s report, showing a balance of $ 30,489.41, which includes a liability of $ 10,360.00 donated for the electric fish barrier.

Motion passed.

4A. Approval of Expenditures

It was moved by Lieb, seconded by Simonson to approve the expenditures of $ 130.34 to Blue Water Websites and $ 100.00 to the Iowa Environmental Council.

Motion Passed.

5. Special Business With Discussion on Drainage Issues Near Francis Sites

Maas opened the discussion by explaining the concerns about the rapid run-off at 28th St. and 255th Ave. in Francis Sites. The rapid run-off is creating a delta into the lake. The water overflows the road about every other year creating a safety hazard to motorist. There is about 400 A. of watershed that provides the run-off to this area. The 400 A. is located part in the City of Spirit Lake and part in Dickinson County. Pam Jordan and Mardi Allen, County Board of Supervisors and Dwight Dohlman, Director of Public Works for the City of Spirit were asked to attend the meeting and provide input. After discussion of the problem , it was decided to write a letter to the County Board of Supervisors and City of Spirit Lake and ask to be on their agenda to discuss the problem with them.

6. Old Business, Recurring Business/Report, and Unfinished Business

6A. Group Sharing, Updates, Membership

No Activity.

6B. Parks Marina Update-Maas

Maas said the sheet piling seems to have stopped the silt from entering into the Parks pond. He said there is an option that would require Parks to buy public credits and create a wetland area on his property about 1/2 mile west of his marina. The area created would be about 1/2 A. This action would be his fine for exceeding the number of acres he could have disturbed in his lake shore project by .001 A.

6C. 501(c)3 Update-Lee

Lee reported that he had contact with a couple of people regarding their fee to help set up EOLIC as a 501(c)3 tax exempt organization. One of the people he talked to was Barry Sackett who questioned if EOLIC even needed to be a 501(c)3 organization. He felt we may not have enough activity to warrant spending the money and doing the annual reports. It was decided to ask Barry Sackett to attend our next meeting.

6D. Replacement Suggestions for Executive Board Members (need 2)-Maas

No candidates have been identified at this time.

6E. Report on Electric Fish Barrier Contributions/Funding-Maas

Maas said that the DNR is currently getting prices on the electric fish barrier. It was reported that EOLIC has contributions for the electric fish barrier in the amount of $ 10,360.00

6F. Miscellaneous

Maas reported that the high water committee formed by the Governor to look at high water problems on the area lakes has not met in the past few months.

Mardi Allen circulated a petition asking for signatures to put the question on the November ballot,: Should Dickinson County merge the offices of county recorder and auditor?

7. New Business

7A. Should EOLIC Get Involved with Zoning on the Tom Underwood Request-Maas

It was decided to not get involved.

7B. Annual Meeting, When, Where, Time-Maas

It was decided to set the annual meeting on September 8th, 8:30 A.M. coffee, 9:00 A.M. meeting at the Dickinson County Nature Center.

7C. Miscellaneous-Maas


8. Other Issues, Announcements, Etc.

Maas reported that he represented EOLIC in an issue regarding Megan Johnson, whose employment paper work had been delayed at the state level. He made a few calls to speed up the employment process because of an emergency at the fish hatchery.

9. Next Meeting The next meeting will be on August 20th at the Orleans City Hall Council Chambers at 7:00 P.M.

10. Adjournment

It was moved by Riley, seconded by Blum to adjourn the meeting at 10:08 P.M.

Motion passed.

Minutes Submitted By:

Vern Schoeneman, Secretary