Minutes July 18, 2018


Approved Minutes

East Okoboji Lakes Improvement Corporation

Board of Directors Meeting

Monday, July 16, 2018 @ 7:00 PM


Board Members Present: Bill Maas, Mike Maffin, Joel Farley, Terry Wilts, Bob Kelley, Jim Blum, Vern Schoeneman, Wendell Riley, John Salewske, Lois Clark, Chuck Augustine.

Board Member Absent: Steve Richards

Guest present:  Pam Jordan

The meeting was called to order at 7:00 by President Bill Maas at the Orleans City Hall Council Chambers.

Adoption of Agenda

It was moved by Kelley and seconded by Blum to adopt the agenda with flexibility.  Motion carried.

Approval of Minutes

Moved by Blum and seconded by Farley to approve the June 18, 2018 regular board meeting minutes. Motion carried.

Treasurer’ Report

Treasurer Joel Farley reported a balance of $28,198.70 with a CD balance of $5,954.20 that reaches maturity 9-15-2018. Accounts Receivable total is $24,000.00 that the City Of Orleans has billed the Iowa DNR for mechanical curlyleaf pondweed harvesting. All funds total $58,152.90.  Riley moved with second by Augustine to accept treasurer’s report.   Motion carried.

Membership Report

Secretary Wilts reported 251 responses to the membership/dues mailer to date with total proceeds of $13,940.00, an average of $56 per response. 140 new responses with renewals at 111. This has been an issue for the organization for quite some time with membership renewals and will need to be addressed in 2019. No response as of yet from the local marinas and barge/hoist operators.

Old Business

Annual Meeting

Saturday, August 4, 2018, 8:30 am coffee and rolls,  9:00 am meeting. Event this year will be held at Wesley Place, 1815 Hill Ave, Spirit Lake, with parking on Hill and in the United Methodist Church parking lot behind the venue. Speaker not finalized and may be a curlyleaf presentation done by Wilts.

2018 Okoboji Blue Water Festival Volunteers and Action Plan

Volunteer sheet passed around for sign up to represent the EOLIC at the booth for Okoboji Blue Water Festival from 10am until 3 pm Saturday August 11, 2018. Tepid response at best, second month in a row.

Directors with Terms to Expire

Farley, Kelley, Riley, Schoeneman, Wilts.

New Business

Lake Levels Report

Board had a spirited and lengthy discussion regarding lake levels, the 600 foot no wake zone and the county-wide no wake order issued 7-3-2018. Much credit given to the forethought to put additional measures in place to reduce flooding after the high-water event in 1993 and obvious with comparable rainfall amounts this May-June that those measures reduced flooding and associated lakeshore erosion.  Board had many good things to say regarding lake level policies being instituted this spring but also said that its apparent that tweaking of those levels are in order.  The 600-foot no wake zone has been respected by some but largely ignored by others and difficult to patrol without the addition of 600-foot marker buoys.

Blum moved and Salewske seconded that the EOLIC support the recommendation  to the Dickinson County Emergency Management Board (DCEMB) changing the High Water on the speed limit of 5 mph on the entire lake go into effect when the Okoboji Lake’s level is at 24” (or less, as the DCEMB sees fit, friendly amendment offered by Schoeneman) above the dam and that this speed limit remain in effect until the lake level drops BELOW 24” above the dam and stays BELOW this height for a period of 3 days (72 hours)following the time when the water drops back below the 24” level above the outlet dam. Motion carried with Farley and Wilts voting nay.

Other issues, announcements, group sharing, etc.

Next Regular Meeting is scheduled for September 17, 2018 at 7:00 PM at Orleans City Hall.


It was moved by Wilts and seconded by Augustine to adjourn the meeting at 8:53 PM.  Motion carried.

Minutes submitted by Terry Wilts, Secretary