Minutes July 18th, 2011


East Okoboji Lakes Improvement Corporation

Board of Directors Meeting


Monday, July 18th, 2011 7:00 P.M.

Spirit Lake Fish Hatchery


Prior to the beginning of the meeting, the board met at Parks Marina to tour the development adjacent to Parks Marina that they purchased from Lutheran Lakeside Camp. “Butch” Parks gave a tour of the area pointing out what kind of development he is anticipating for the land he purchased.

1. Call to Order and Introduction of Guests by Bill Maas @ 7:05 P.M.

Present: Delmer Lee, Jane Lieb, Bill Maas, Ed Purdy, Wendell Riley, Vern Schoeneman, Bonnie Simonson, Barbara Tagami, Gus Tallman

Absent: Steve Andersen, Paul Assman, Dick Harmon

Guest: Derek Namanny

2. Adoption of Agenda With Flexibility Moved by Lieb, seconded by Simonson to adopt the agenda with flexibility.

Motion passed.

3. Approval of Minutes of June 20th, 2011

Moved by Tallman, seconded by Riley to approve the June 20th, 2011 minutes.

Motion passed.

4. Treasurer’s Report

Motion by Lieb, seconded by Riley to accept the June 30th, 2011 Treasurer’s report showing a balance of $ 22,970.70.

Motion passed.

5. Old Business , Recurring Business/Report , and Unfinished Business

5A. Group Sharing and Questions About Parks Marina Development-Maas

A tour of the recent land purchase by ” Butch” Parks from Lutheran Lakeside Camp was interesting and informative.

5B. DNR Funding for Lake Patrol -Maas

Maas reported that the Lake Patrol is getting 4-6 new patrol persons for the balance of this summer, starting July 22.

5C. Conroy Johnson Project Report-Purdy

Purdy reported that Conroy Johnson is going to wait until the next CRP contract before moving forward on the construction of the pond. That new contract will be out in about 30 days. He is concerned about the loss of CRP money if the pond takes away from his CRP Acres.

5D. Update On Website( https://www.eastokobojilakes.org/wp/)-Anitra Wolf

Wolf said the website for East Okoboji Lakes Improvement Corporation is ready to launch. She asked if anyone had any suggestions or additions to the site. Our web address is info@eastokobojilakes.org. It was agreed to launch the site now and then propose addition as needed. It was moved by Riley, seconded by Lieb to have Wolf launch the website now and approve a $ 35.00 per hour maintenance fee.

Motion passed.

5E. East Okoboji Boater Map Status-Maas

Maas reported that the 6,000 boater maps have been printed and he has them.

5F. Annual Membership Drive-Lee

Lee reported that he has been working with the Lakes Shopper on putting a flyer in their paper, which would reach about 2,550 homes in our area. He is also putting a mailing together which will be sent to about 500 residents.

5G. EOLIC Annual Meeting on August 6th @ The Dickinson County Nature Center-Maas

Maas reported that the annual meeting of EOLIC will be on August 6th at the Dickinson County Nature Center at Kenue Park, with coffee and rolls at 8:30 A.M. The meeting will start at 9:00 A.M. with an update by the DNR on Aquatic Invasive Species.

6. New Business

6A. High Water Issues on the Iowa Great Lakes-Maas

It was moved by Simonson, seconded by Riley to go on record to request the Emergency Management Board to initiate a no wake order on East Lake Okoboji to preserve and stop shore erosion immediately.

Motion passed.

6B. July 23rd “Summit” of the Protective Associations and Gov. Branstad-Maas

Maas said he was asked to attend a meeting with Gov. Branstad and other protective associations at the Vanorsdel residence on July 23rd.

6C. August 20th Joint Meeting with Director Lande-Maas

Maas reported that the OPA and other protective associations will meet with Director Lande on August 20th.

6D. Miscellaneous

Derek Namanny reported that a LID project at the end of 23rd St. in Spirit Lake has been completed. He said a BIO retainer will be placed at the end of 9th St. and impervious pavers will be put next to the south side of the stream running through Arthur Heights. He said EOLIC owns the water sampling equipment at East Okoboji Beach. This equipment will no longer be needed and EOLIC will have to decide what they want to do with equipment.

7. Other Issues, Announcements, Etc.


8. Next Meeting The next meeting is Monday, August 15th, 2011 @ 7:00P.M . at The Spirit Lake Library.

9. Adjournment

It was moved by Riley, seconded by Purdy to adjourn the meeting at 9:35 P.M.

Motion passed.

Minutes Submitted By:

Vern Schoeneman, Secretary