Minutes May 12th, 2011


East Okoboji Lakes Improvement Corporation

Board of Directors Meeting


Thursday, May 12th, 2011 7:00 P.M.

Spirit Lake Library


1. Call to Order and Introduction of Guests by Bill Maas @ 7:10 P.M.

Present: Jane Lieb, Bill Maas, Ed Purdy, Vern Schoeneman, Bonnie Simonson, Barbara Tagami, Gus Tallman

Absent: Steve Andersen, Paul Assman, Dick Harmon, Delmer Lee, Wendell Riley

2. Adoption of Agenda With Flexibility Moved by Lieb, seconded by Simonson to adopt the agenda with flexibility.

Motion passed.

3. Approval of Minutes of April 14th, 2011

Moved by Tallman, seconded by Lieb to approve the April 14th, 2011 minutes.

Motion passed.

4. Treasurer’s Report

Motion by Tagami, seconded by Lieb to accept the April 30th, 2011 Treasurer’s report showing a balance of $ 23,741.96.

Motion passed.

5. Committee/Regular Reports

Dwight Dohlman sent pictures of before and after the cleanup of the highway 9 bridge basin. It really has improved the basin.

6. Old , Recurring, and Unfinished Business

6A. Group Sharing and Questions After looking at the pictures of the highway 9 bridge basin cleanup, it appears that there is an area of bare dirt that should be covered by either grass or sod. Lieb will contact Bill Dornick with the city of Spirit Lake to see if that can be done.

6B. Parks Marina Progress-Maas

Maas reported that “Butch” Parks had given him a tour of the parcel of land he is buying from Lutheran Lakeside Camp. His first project for that property is to make an area for employee parking.

6C. DNR Funding for Lake Patrol -Maas

Maas reported that there is 2.5 million dollars available to the DNR and the Lake Patrol to hire summer help, but the funds are not being released by the State because of a cap on spending. These funds are currently being requested through the legislative process. The chief of the DNR Law Enforcement, Bob Garrison, and his Deputy, Jason Sandholdt, came to the lakes to visit with the local DNR officials and find out how the funds will benefit the Lake Patrol on our lakes. Maas will compose a letter to the Governor and our legislators requesting these funds be released as the funds have already been collected.

6D. DNR funding for AIS and Cuts in the DNR-Maas

Maas reported that the proposed AIS funding cuts would mean the loss of three people. Six summer part-time people would be hired for Friday-Sunday to monitor the boat ramps. They would be paid with stipends through grants. Jane Shuttleworth will be coordinating the volunteer ramp monitors this year. EOLIC will work with Tagami to make people aware of the volunteer opportunities available to monitor the ramps.

6E. Planning for “Target” Areas for Projects-Purdy

Purdy reported that he had talked to Conroy Johnson about a couple of possible projects that EOLIC may be willing to work with him to control the flow of water into East Lake Okoboji. One was to clean the silt out of the current holding pond on his property. The cost would be about $ 10,000.00 just to clean about 1/4 of the pond. The other project would be to construct a new holding pond up stream from the current pond in cooperation with NRCS, Soil Conservation Service, and EOLIC. In cooperation with these government agencies the funding for the project would be shared : 75% by the government agencies and 25% by the landowner. The pond would cover about 8 acres and cost somewhere between $ 15,000.00 and $ 30,000.00 to construct. It was moved by Tagami, seconded by Lieb to authorize Purdy to negotiate with Conroy Johnson on behalf of EOLIC to help him offset his share of the project up to $ 8,500.00.

Motion passed.

6F. Funding for East Okoboji Coordinator Through Dickinson County @ $ 500-Tagami

No action taken.

6G. Okoboji Cemetery Erosion Control Progress-Andersen

No Action taken.

7. New Business

7A. Membership in Friends of Lakeside Lab-Maas


7B. Renewal of Membership in Iowa Environmental Council-Maas.

It was moved by Lieb, seconded by Purdy to renew our membership in the Iowa Environmental Council at a cost of $ 100.00.

Motion passed.

7C. Any More Thoughts on Annual Membership Drive-Maas

Tallman had reviewed the giving categories on our pledge form, but no action was taken on any changes at this time. It was suggested that if we had a Federal Tax Exempt ID number we may be able to increase our donations, as any donation would then be a tax exempt donation. Lieb will look in her file to find what work we had done before, but did not file the paper work with the government.

7D. Ideas on What to do for Funding Problems-Maas

See agenda item 7C. above.

7E. Miscellaneous

Simonson is concerned about the size and speed of the boats on the lakes during the day. Maas will ask Gary Owens to attend our next meeting to discuss speed limits on the lakes.

8. Other Issues, Announcements, Etc.

The monthly meetings for June, July, and August will be the third Monday of those months.

9. Next Meeting The next meeting is Monday, June 20th, 2011 @ 7:00P.M. at Parks Marina and then the Fish Hatchery.

10. Adjournment

It was moved by Lieb, seconded by Simonson to adjourn the meeting at 9:11 P.M.

Motion passed.

Minutes Submitted By:

Vern Schoeneman, Secretary