Minutes May 15, 2017

Approved Minutes

East Okoboji Lakes Improvement Corporation

Board of Directors Meeting

Monday, May 15, 2017 @7:00 PM

Board Members Present: Bob Kelley, Mike Maffin, Terry Wilts, Vern Schoeneman, Jim Blum, Bonnie Simonson and Wendell Riley, Joel Farley, Greg Kraus, Steve Richards and John Salewske.

Board Members Absent: Bill Maas

Guests present: Pam Jordan and Gus Tallman

The meeting was called to order at 7:00 by Vice President Mike Maffin at the Orleans City Hall Council Chambers.

Adoption of Agenda

It was moved by Richards and seconded by Riley to adopt the agenda with flexibility.  Motion carried.

Approval of Minutes

Moved by Schoeneman and seconded by Kelley to approve the April 17, 2017 regular board meeting minutes. Motion carried.

Treasurer’ Report

Checks cut donation to City of Orleans and to Dickinson County EMS for infrared drone. Account balance was $36901.40. Motion Maffin and second by Kelley to accept treasurers report.


Old Business

Report on status of drainage in Spirit Lake/County (28th St)

Board of Supervisors Vice-Chair Pam Jordan updated the board on this joint drainage project. Beck Engineering has assembled the Easement Plats and is awaiting an offer for the purchase of said easements. Jordan spoke with Legislator John Wills regarding forming an entity to insure long term maintenance of new drainage area met. Friday May 19, 2017 is a meeting of the Soil and Water Conservation District to further pursue funding for this project, which after the legislative session remains in flux. Our thanks to Supervisor Jordan for joining us and for the insight into the process.

Curley Leaf Pondweed Update

Many board members report positive feedback from the weed harvesting operation which began cutting today. Discussion centered on the fact that this mechanical harvesting is a band aid solution to what obviously is a bigger problem every year and that an aquatic herbicide solution through the Iowa DNR remains an avenue. No board action taken but meeting with the various protective associations and the DNR should be pursued and the informational process restarted.

Center Lake Rezoning RV Park

Wilts reported that Maas and he attended the Center Lake Association spring meeting to learn more about the rezoning request for a 39-unit RV Park on the southwest corner of Center Lake. Nothing more heard from the proposed development at this point. No board action taken. Short discussion on the Memorandum of Understanding which exists between the protective groups in the area and how we will work together when our interests merge.

Dickinson County Trails Board Tree Planting

Maffin, Maas and Wilts all participated in the Dickinson County Trail Boards tree planting project in Spirit Lake.


New Business

Dickinson County Landfill and Minnesota based railroad ties

Board was informed that railroad ties being hauled from Minnesota and landfilled at the Dickinson County Landfill. Scope of hauling is approximately 150 48’ semi-trailer loads of ties to arrive in the months of May and June 2017.

Discussion centered on the fact that we may not be able to stop this from happening now and that Iowa DNR may need to revisit regulatory practices to keep this area from becoming Minnesota’s garbage dump. No board action taken.

Membership/Fundraiser Mailing

Motion Kelley and seconded by Blum to purchase postage and supplies needed to perform membership mailer. Motion carried. Wilts will draft letter going to members and prospective members and send electronically to board members for approval.

Rebel Marketing Proposal

Rebel Marketing proposal was well received and motion made by Blum and seconded by Riley to allow Wilts to continue dialog with Rebel and to expand the scope of what has been proposed with a cap on expenditures. Motion carried.

Other issues, announcements, group sharing, etc.

Next Regular Meeting is scheduled for June 19, 2017th at 7:00 PM at Orleans City Hall


It was moved by Kelley and seconded by Simonson to adjourn the meeting at 9:18 PM.  Motion carried.

Minutes submitted by Terry Wilts, Secretary