Minutes May 9th, 2013


East Okoboji Lakes Improvement Corporation

Board of Directors Meeting

Thursday May 9th, 2013 7:00 P.M.

Orleans City Hall Council Chambers


1. Call to Order and Introduction of Guests by Bill Maas @ 7:05 P.M.

Present: Paul Assman, Jim Blum, Bob Kelley, Jane Lieb, Delmer Lee, Bill Maas, Wendell Riley, Vern Schoeneman, Bonnie Simonson, Gus Tallman

Absent: Bev Schumann, Barbara Tagami

Guests: Derek Namanny, Anand Hase

2. Adoption of Agenda With Flexibility Moved by Lieb, seconded by Assman to adopt the agenda with flexibility.

Motion passed.

3. Approval of Minutes of November 8th, 2012 Regular Meeting

Moved by Riley, seconded by Assman to approve the November 8th, 2012 minutes.

Motion passed.

4. Treasurer’s Report

Moved by Assman, seconded by Blum to accept the April 30th, 2013 Treasurer’s report, showing a balance of $ 23,189.50, which includes a liability of $ 5,000.00 committed to clean the Conroy Johnson pond.

Motion passed.

5. Old Business, Recurring Business/Report, and Unfinished Business

5A. Conroy Johnson Pond Cleanout-Maas

Maas reported that the cleaning of the Conroy Johnson pond has been completed.

It was suggested that at major rain events the water could be temporarily stored and slowly drained out of the pond by installing a raised metal barrier around the pond outlet.

5B. Report on Electric Fish Barrier-Maas

Maas reported that the electric fish barrier has been installed and EOLIC has paid $ 10,360.00 of donated money towards the project.

5C. Report on Spirit Lake City Council/Dickinson County Board of Supervisors Progress on Drainage Issues Adjacent to Hill Avenue & Francis Sites Drive( Appointed Committee)- Maas

Maas reported that the two groups are willing to discuss the issue of water safety on 28th St. and 255th Avenue, but at this time no meetings have been scheduled.

5D. Report on “Governor’s Lake Level Committee”-Maas

It was suggested that Maas check with Mike Hawkins from the DNR on the progress of the committee.

5E. Miscellaneous

No comments.

6. New Business

6A. Membership Mailings and Annual Meeting Time/Place-Maas

Lee reported that memberships and revenue have been declining the last few years because there are too many organizations competing for memberships and asked for suggestions on how to increase memberships. A committee of Lee, Riley and Tallman was appointed to review past memberships and make recommendations to the board on how to increase memberships.

There was a suggestion to set the date of the annual meeting in August. Members are asked to review area calendars to see what is scheduled for the area on Saturday weekends in August. Another suggestion was that the annual meeting date be set in the By-Laws so everyone knows from year to year when it is and can plan accordingly.

6B. Report/Action on By-Laws Changes Suggestion-Assman/Blum

The committee made the following recommended changes to the By-Laws, which will be considered at the annual meeting.

1. Change the name from East Okoboji Lakes Improvement Corporation to East Okoboji Lakes Protective Association.

2. Article II. Section II. Last sentence change “that is to say the three (3) elected each year” to that is say the four (4) elected each year.

3. Article II. Section IV. Delete the words eleven (11)

4. Article III. Section II. Delete the words may or may not and insert the word shall.

5. See possible change in item 6A. above.

6C. 252nd Avenue (Pioneer Beach Road) Road Construction and Adjacent Recreational Trail-Maas

Maas reported that 252nd Avenue road will be under construction this year. A trail is proposed adjacent to on the east side of the road or included on each side of the road by making the roadway wider. Because the water from this area runs directly into East Lake Okoboji, both options where discussed as to how they will impact the rain water run-off.

It was moved by Lieb, seconded by Simonson to send a letter to the City of Orleans and to Jean Martin, Trails Director, with the following recommendations.

We understand that there are two proposals regarding the location of the trail: One proposal is that 252nd Avenue would be constructed wide enough to allow for a 6 feet trail attached to and on each side of the roadway. The second proposal would be that an 8 feet wide separate trail be constructed adjacent to the east side of the road with a 5 feet buffer area between the road and the trail. The Board felt that the water from a rain event should be slowed down with the use of Low Impact practices to clean and cool it before entering into the lake. With that in mind the EOLIC Board recommends the second proposal being a separate trail on the east side of 252nd Avenue using Low Impact practices and incorporating the use of porous pavement on the trail.

Motion passed.

6D. Cooperative Agreement between IGLA, OPA, SLPA, EOLIC, IGLWSC, and other Associations in Lieu of Money Exchanging Memberships-Maas

Maas was directed to pursue this idea with the other associations.

6E. Possible Replacements for Executive Board Members-Maas

Lieb announced that she is submitting her resignation from the EOLIC Board effective on May 9th, 2013.

Moved by Lee, seconded by Riley to accept Lieb’s resignation effective May 9th, 2013 with regrets and thank her for her service on the EOLIC Board since 2001.

Motion passed.

Assman stated that he is not planning to run for a second term on the board when his term is up at the next annual meeting.

Moved by Tallman, seconded by Kelley to appoint Mike Maffin to fill the term of Lieb, if he accepts the invitation.

Motion passed.

6F. Miscellaneous-Maas

Tallman commented that he has heard that the state on Minnesota has trained dogs to sniff out Zebra Mussels. He was requested to follow up on this and report back at the next meeting.

7. Other Issues, Announcements, Etc.

No comments

8. Next Meeting The next regular meeting is scheduled for June 17th, 2013 at the Orleans City Hall Council Chambers at 7:00 P.M.

9. Adjournment

It was moved by Riley, seconded by Kelley to adjourn the meeting at 10:05 P.M.

Motion passed.


Minutes Submitted By:


Vern Schoeneman, Secretary