Minutes October 13th, 2011


East Okoboji Lakes Improvement Corporation

Board of Directors Meeting


Thursday, October 13th, 2011 7:00 P.M.

Spirit Lake City Library


1. Call to Order and Introduction of Guests by Bill Maas @ 7:08 P.M.

Present: Jim Blum, Delmer Lee, Bill Maas, Wendell Riley, Vern Schoeneman, Barbara Tagami, Gus Tallman

Absent: Steve Andersen, Paul Assman, Dick Harmon, Jane Lieb, Bonnie Simonson

Guest: Derek Namanny

2. Adoption of Agenda With Flexibility Moved by Tagami, seconded by Tallman to adopt the agenda with flexibility.

Motion passed.

3. Approval of Minutes of September 8th, 2011

Moved by Tagami, seconded by Riley to approve the September 8th, 2011 minutes.

Motion passed.

4. Treasurer’s Report

Motion by Tagami, seconded by Tallman to accept the September 30th, 2011 Treasurer’s report, showing a balance of $ 24,327.79.

Motion passed.

Lee said our paid membership is now 113.

It was moved by Tagami, seconded by Riley to send out a second membership mailing, with revisions from 2010, sometime in October.

Motion passed.

5. Election of Officers

It was moved by Riley, seconded by Blum to elect the same officers for 2011-12 as we had in 2010-11 which are: Bill Maas President, Barbara Tagami Vice President, Delmer Lee Treasurer, and Vern Schoeneman Secretary.

Motion passed.

6. Old Business , Recurring Business/Report , and Unfinished Business

6A. Group Sharing and Questions about Projects, etc.-Maas

In an effort to collect data on the silt problem at 28th street and 255th Avenue Tallman and Namanny will collect silt samples at that location, which will be analyzed for content.

6B. Discussion on Website (https://www.eastokobojilakes.org/wp) About By-Laws-Maas

Everyone was in agreement that the EOLIC by-laws should be included on our website. A couple of typographical errors were noticed on the website, which will be conveyed to our website designer.

6C. Discussion of Parameters for Representatives on the AIS & Lake Levels Committees-Maas

Maas said the committees have not been appointed by the Governor. The AIS committee may be a state wide committee. The consensus of the EOLIC board to our representatives on the committee was to address parameters to manage boat traffic and lake levels by setting up guidelines that will be followed in times of dramatic lake level changes. It was felt that two new culverts added last year at the Lower Gar outlet have resolved the high water concerns.

6D. Miscellaneous

Lee reported that he has been working with Steve Andersen and a couple of homeowners in the Moore Lake development to add small rain gardens. They may request funds from ELOIC under our rain garden grant program.

7. New Business

7A. Discussion of Spirit Lake Fargo Avenue Bio-Cell-Maas

Maas said he signed a grant application, which if approved, would have the City of Spirit Lake construct a bio-cell at the end of North Fargo Avenue at a cost of approximately $ 34,000.00 with no cost to EOLIC.

7B. Discussion of Use of Monitoring Equipment in other Places?(Steve Andersen)

The question was raised if we could use the flow monitoring equipment that we had installed at East Okoboji Beach at other locations now that it is not needed there. Namanny said we could decide on the best location and have it moved.

7C. Where To Go From Here?(Conroy Johnson property, runoff behind Gus Tallman’s property, boat size/speed limit, Moore Lake Development, What or Where?) -Maas

It was the consensus of the board that our top priority should be to address the erosion entering the lake at 28th street and 255th Avenue. To get the concerns before the proper governmental agencies it was decided to ask Dan Eckard from Dickinson County and Dwight Dohlman from the City of Spirit Lake to attend next months meeting. We have not heard from Conroy Johnson if he is interested in working with EOLIC and other agencies in developing a holding pond on his property. If he is not willing to allow a holding pond on his property, we will redirect the funds to other projects. Boat size, speed limits on the lake, and Moore Lake Development drainage concerns were put on hold pending the completion of other projects.

7D. Miscellaneous

Question as what OPA is doing in regard to AIS. There has been some discussion about getting trained dogs to sniff boats for Zebra Mussels coming into the lake. More discussion about this at the next meeting.

8. Other Issues, Announcements, Etc.


9. Next Meeting The next meeting is Thursday, December 8th, 2011 @ 7:00P.M . at the Spirit Lake Library.

10. Adjournment

It was moved by Riley, seconded by Lee to adjourn the meeting at 9:17 P.M.

Motion passed.

Minutes Submitted By:

Vern Schoeneman, Secretary